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"Animals in the Afterlife: Exploring the Death, Dying & Spirit Life of our Animal Companions"

Workbook and MP3 Set

They teach us about:

Love, Compassion, Intuition, Friendship, Spirituality, The Circle of Life

Aren’t you yearning for a deeper understanding of what happens to your animal companions during, and after they cross over? Would you like the peace of mind of knowing their feelings (and teachings) related to their transition?

"Our animal companions hold such great wisdom, wonderful teachings and deep healing for humanity, both here and especially from the other side. This is what I call their ‘divine mission’ or higher reason for partnering with us. They are so often catalysts for our spiritual journeys and deep growth, and they nudge us ever so gently towards our own individual ‘divine mission’ or highest expression of our soul”


Lynn McKenzie
Animal Intuitive & Master Healer
for People & Animals

This in depth audio workshop will help to answer so many of the questions you have regarding your animal companions’ perspectives on the death and dying process and their transition into the afterlife. Students report a deep sense of peace, simply from bringing this information into their awareness.


I absolutely loved this class as I do all of Lynn's classes. She has a wealth of information on many subjects and is so willing to share her knowledge with all of her students . Our animal friends truly benefit from having Lynn on this earth. Never hesitate to take one of Lynn's classes!



You will:


Deepen your understanding of the naturalness of the death and
dying process



Learn about the animals perspectives on the process, and their
wisdom on the ‘circle of life’



Discover where our animal companions are once they’ve made their
transition and the unique perspectives they have from the other side


Explore ways to help with guilt and grief at the loss of an animal



Increase your ability to receive signs from your animal companions
on the other side and gain an understanding of how and why they
contact us


Learn how they can be of assistance to us on our spiritual paths and
relay profound insights to enable us in our own healing process


Learn about our individual divine blueprints and how our animal
companions can assist us in following them


Open your heart to connecting and communicating with your
animal companions on the other side


Learn about creating altars, memorials and ceremonies to honor
them and help you heal


"Animals in the Afterlife: Exploring the Death, Dying & Spirit Life of our Animal Companions"

Workbook and MP3 Downloads

This is the first time ever that this information has been offered as a learn at home study course and MP3 set, and it is priced at this very low price.


You will receive:

  • 6 MP3's with Lynn McKenzie teaching all of her material from the entire course

  • A detailed workbook as well as written transcripts of each class

  • 2 easy ways to pay - all at once, or in 2 easy payments


This study course will cover:

  • The souls of animals

  • The death and dying process

  • Crossing over

  • Where they go

  • Are they safe and happy

  • Contacting animals on the other side

  • Signs from across the veil

  • Soul agreements and sacred contracts

  • Reuniting and reincarnation

  • Handling guilt and grief

  • Altars, memorials and ceremony

    Taking this course has been known to cause deep feelings of peace and connection.


Animals in the Afterlife:
Exploring the Death, Dying & Spirit Life of our
Animal Companions Workbook and MP3 Downloads

1 payment x $397


Here’s what past students are saying about Lynn’s classes:

I am looking forward to another inspiring Teleclass of yours!!! My communication with Cheynne improved wonderfully since my last class with you! I always loved animals but through you, my understanding and appreciation of their existence was brought to a new level. Thank You!
--Viktoria Nieva-Gomez

Thank you for a wonderful Telecourse on the chakras. I am looking forward to the flower essences and crystals course too.

The information was invaluable, and I feel a grounding, and a sense of peacefulness with regular use. Thank you. Sincerely.

The class notes are fabulous! Looking forward to this class! Are you going to offer a next level of Teleclasses? I hope you will! Sign me up!!!

I love learning this way. Thank you so much for your excellent and informative classes!

I wanted to let you know, that I can't totally put into words what my experience at your workshop meant to me yesterday, but I'm inspired and believe new avenues are opening for me! Very exciting! Thank you!!

A quick hello, to say that I really enjoyed the Teleclasses. Your voice was clear, and I liked having the notes to follow along with. I’m so glad you are offering these!
--Carol Peck

Thank you for being a terrific teacher.

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Animals in the Afterlife:
Exploring the Death, Dying & Spirit Life of our
Animal Companions Workbook and MP3 Downloads

1 payment x $397

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This class is not intended to replace good Veterinary care, or training.
Lynn recommends that all clients see a Holistic Veterinarian for diagnosis and care of any aliment.