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"Crystal Healing for Animals"
Study Guide and MP3 Set

“Crystals are wonderful, vibrational gifts that are formed naturally within mother earth. Using crystals in our healing work with our Animal Companions enables us to initiate powerful shifts and incredible changes in them on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.”


Learn how to heal your animal companions gently with crystals and gemstones, the amazing ‘gifts from the earth'.


Lynn McKenzie
Animal Intuitive & Master Healer
for People & Animals

Our Animal Companions are so connected to nature and unlike humans, are often very willing to make shifts and release imbalanced energies in their fields.

The ‘boys’ seem so much happier, both individually and as a group, since you recommended using the crystals last week. Kismet has not even tried any posturing or bullying with the others. The energy feels so much better here, thank you!


Lynn, I have to tell you, Angel has barely left her bed where I put the amethyst, hematite and kunzite you suggested, it’s like she knows that the healing energy is there, so she wants to be with it! Thank you.



Crystal Healing can help with the following:








 Skittishness & Shying


 Dominance & Territoriality


 Animals not getting along


 Fertility issues


 Low Energy


 Digestive Issues




 Over sensitivity




 Extreme Stress & Anxiety




Inappropriate Elimination


Excessively vocal animals


Difficulty Training


Apathy & Hopelessness




Feather plucking


The list goes on . . .


I wanted to share with you that I worked on Rudy’s chakras with the crystals from the class, and then left the amber, clear quartz, carnelian, turquoise and blue lace agate out, and I really think he’s feeling better. He’s acting more like he used to, and has even had a couple of sprints around the house. They are definitely doing something for him and at the same time, they’re making me feel better too.
Blessings to you,


"Crystal Healing for Animals"
Study Guide and MP3 Downloads

This is the first time ever that this information has been offered as a work at home study course and MP3 set, and it is priced at this very low price.


You will receive:

  • 4 MP3's with Lynn McKenzie teaching all of her material from the entire course

  • A detailed workbook as well as written transcripts of the four live classes

  • 2 easy ways to pay, all at once, or in 2 easy payments


You will learn:

  • What crystals are, how they’re formed, and how they can heal our animal companions

  • The many different ways you can use them with your animal companions

  • How to program, care for, and clean and cleanse energies from your crystals

  • Detailed properties and indications for use of numerous crystals including the 4 master healers

  • The crystals related to each chakra, and how to use them

  • A number of ways you can select crystals to match your animal companion’s needs and energy

  • Case studies of animals with various conditions

    Your Animal Companions will thank you
    for taking this course.


Crystal Healing for Animals
Workbook and MP3 Downloads

1 payment x $297 ONLY $97



Here’s what past students are saying about Lynn’s classes:

I am looking forward to another inspiring Teleclass of yours!!! My communication with Cheynne improved wonderfully since my last class with you! I always loved animals but through you, my understanding and appreciation of their existence was brought to a new level. Thank You!
--Viktoria Nieva-Gomez

Thank you for a wonderful Telecourse on the chakras. I am looking forward to the flower essences and crystals course too.

The information was invaluable, and I feel a grounding, and a sense of peacefulness with regular use. Thank you. Sincerely.

The class notes are fabulous! Looking forward to this class! Are you going to offer a next level of Teleclasses? I hope you will! Sign me up!!!

I love learning this way. Thank you so much for your excellent and informative classes!

I wanted to let you know, that I can't totally put into words what my experience at your workshop meant to me yesterday, but I'm inspired and believe new avenues are opening for me! Very exciting! Thank you!!

A quick hello, to say that I really enjoyed the Teleclasses. Your voice was clear, and I liked having the notes to follow along with. I’m so glad you are offering these!
--Carol Peck

Thank you for being a terrific teacher.

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Crystal Healing for Animals
Workbook and MP3 Downloads

1 payment x $297 ONLY $97

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This class is not intended to replace good Veterinary care, or training.
Lynn recommends that all clients see a Holistic Veterinarian for diagnosis and care of any aliment.