Intuitives, Animal Communicators, Healers,
Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Therapists:

Spiritual & Energy Dowsing for Health,
Wellbeing & Transformation

“Dowsing is the secret to powering up your intuition for life & business success, animal communication, healing, you name it! Imagine getting the answers you need to all of your questions. Learn insider tips here!”

Known as ‘Intuition Technology’, dowsing opens you up to a whole new world and allows you to access the collective consciousness to determine anything you want to know regarding your self, your animal companions or your business to enable you to live with more success and greater comfort and joy. You do not need any special talents to learn this skill, just a strong desire to do so.


Lynn McKenzie
Animal Intuitive & Energy Coach

(Short message from Lynn)

Dowsing allows you to detect and correct imbalances, chose appropriate remedies, make better decisions, and direct your intent to create more success, better health, healing and emotional wellbeing. The answers to all of your questions can be found simply at your fingertips.

Have you ever wished you could change your own energy,
the energy of others, and even the energy in the
environment around you?

This detailed program includes the following:

bullet Everything you need to dowse accurately and proficiently
bullet A step by step system or process to clear and balance your own energy field
bullet Over 75 powerful checks and balances for wellbeing on all levels
bullet Statements to remove undesirable energies and bring you into harmony with your desires and highest and best good
bullet Simple methods for changing your own energy (such as increasing vitality and reducing doubt)
bullet Ways to reshape your own life experience and the world around you with energy shifts
bullet Tools to further your own personal spiritual journey


This 8 week Teleclass began April 5th,
but you can order the MP3 Download Course Now!.

Here’s what you get: 

bullet A detailed handout
bullet 6 live one hour calls with Lynn McKenzie
bullet 2 audio lessons prepared by Lynn and emailed to you
bullet A community message board for class participants to ask questions, learn and share with one another
bullet Recordings of all calls emailed to you within 48 hours of each class
bullet A CD with MP3 files of each class mailed to you after the completion of the series


You will learn:

bullet The history of dowsing, various ways to do it, and use it
bullet How to prepare yourself to get into the ‘dowsing state’ – this often skipped step is extremely important to your end result
bullet All of the ‘how to’ details; holding and programming your pendulum, asking good dowsing questions etc.
bullet Tips and tricks to help assure accurate answers
bullet How to dowse lists, maps and charts of various styles
bullet Device-less dowsing
bullet And, as those of you who have taken my courses know, there are always ‘extras’ that I add in, as my mission is to empower you to realize your own true power

 You will be so happy you took this MP3 Download Course!

One Payment of $297



Here’s what past students are saying about Lynn’s classes:

I am looking forward to another inspiring Teleclass of yours!!! My communication with Cheynne improved wonderfully since my last class with you! I always loved animals but through you, my understanding and appreciation of their existence was brought to a new level. Thank You!
--Viktoria Nieva-Gomez

Thank you for a wonderful Telecourse on the chakras. I am looking forward to the flower essences and crystals course too.

The information was invaluable, and I feel a grounding, and a sense of peacefulness with regular use. Thank you. Sincerely.

The class notes are fabulous! Looking forward to this class! Are you going to offer a next level of Teleclasses? I hope you will! Sign me up!!!

I love learning this way. Thank you so much for your excellent and informative classes!

I wanted to let you know, that I can't totally put into words what my experience at your workshop meant to me yesterday, but I'm inspired and believe new avenues are opening for me! Very exciting! Thank you!!

A quick hello, to say that I really enjoyed the Teleclasses. Your voice was clear, and I liked having the notes to follow along with. I’m so glad you are offering these!
--Carol Peck

Thank you for being a terrific teacher.

One Payment of $297



This class is not intended to replace Medical or Veterinary care. Lynn recommends that all clients see an appropriate doctor for diagnosis and care of any ailment.