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Flower Essences
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** Our Flower Essence line is currently off the market. **

What are Flower Essences?
Simply put, they are the very strong energetic frequencies of flowers captured in spring water. These frequencies contain the unique life force pattern of the flower and when used either topically or internally as an essence, they awaken the same particular qualities in the animal’s soul. They are vibrational tools that can assist remarkably in creating harmony and healing. Each essence has it’s own vibrational frequency that resonates with and attracts the energies of certain qualities or traits to the animal. They are fragrance free and have no known side effects, nor do they interfere with medications. They were first developed for humans in England, in the 1930's, by researcher and physician Dr. Edward Bach. These essences are known as the Bach Flower Remedies.

"Nature is the art of God." ~Thomas Browne, Religio Medici, 1635

Animal Energy Essences

Origin: The Animal Energy Essences are a unique line of alcohol-free flower essences, designed specifically for animals. They are stabilized and preserved with shiso, a Japanese herb. After communicating with and healing animals for over a decade, Lynn found that they were frequently requiring support in certain specific areas. Each of the flower essences created has been specially formulated to support and enhance the animal kingdom in conjunction with these needs.

They are designed to address certain areas including:

  • Health and well-being
  • Behavioral issues/Fears
  • Adapting to change and transition
  • Spiritual and Evolutionary growth.

Who this line is for: They were designed for Animal Communicators, Healers, Veterinarians, and human guardians. We hope that you will find this collection efficient and easy to use. If you would like to book an in-depth Flower Essence Consultation with Lynn McKenzie or would like more information on the essences, please email her.

catSelecting Flower Essences: There are many ways to select essences including reading the descriptions below and picking the ones that seem to best fit the individual animal or situation. You can also pick the remedies that you are most drawn to energetically, or you can use muscle testing (kinesiology) or dowsing, to energetically match the essence to the person or animal.

Always try to look at the bigger picture. For example if your animal is suffering from arthritis, look at his or her qualities. Perhaps she is very rigid, intolerant and inflexible. These may be the characteristics that you would like to treat as opposed to the arthritis, the symptom. Also be aware that the animals in general are suffering as a group from all of the injustices and abuses done to them as a species. Because of this, assisting their healing with Flower Essences is one of the kindest things you can do for them.

You can select up to five or six remedies at a time. Don't worry about making an incorrect selection, because if a remedy is not needed it will not do any harm, but it won’t do any good either.

Ways to administer Flower Essences: Application can be via dropper, spray atomizer or added to water, food or ointment depending on species, individual animal, and human guardian. General instructions will be emailed at time of purchase.

**Our Flower Essence line is currently off the market.

The Animal Energy Flower Essence Collection (1 oz bottles - $19.95 USD each)
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Please note: Due to the vibrational quality of our flower essences, purchases are non-refundable

** Our Flower Essence line is currently off the market. **

ANIMAL ESSENCES Alcohol Free, preserved with Red Shiso
(1 oz bottles - $19.95 USD each)

flower essencesAdapting to Change 
To assist and support any changes in your animal companion’s experience including the addition or loss of a human or animal family member, re-homing, travel, moving, holiday activity, renovating, separation from a guardian, kenneling, a change in health, loss of hearing, sight, or a limb.

Breathe Easy
Created to open the airways and allow ease of breathing in animals with allergies, labored breathing or any other conditions requiring it.

Bunny Calm
Created to calm nervousness, allay fears and to encourage harmonious living in rabbits. Also assists them in adapting to changes such as re-homing, accepting new group members and training.

Cancer Clear
Created to boost the immune system, and to support our animal companions in releasing the energy of cancer on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Also helpful in clearing the emotional energy, related to this diagnosis, absorbed from guardians.

Digest Ease 
To ease the digestive system process, and assist with assimilation of food, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and appetite issues. It is also useful for animals with worms or parasites or any other condition affecting the digestive system.

Fear No More 
To help your animal companions deal with fear of known, and unknown things, as well as terror and panic. This remedy is excellent for exposure to thunder storms, fireworks, or gun shots, as well as any non specific fears in a generally fearful animal.

Feral Cat Calm
Created to balance the energy frequencies of feral cats adapting to domesticated life. It particularly addresses the fear and terror associated with being captured, living in close proximity to humans, lack of freedom and exercise, and the challenges associated with surgery and vaccination.

Foot Comfort
Created to assist and support all animals with the handling of their feet including nail trimming, filing, hoof trimming and shoeing. It is designed to lessen the fear and terror as well as energetically clear any cellular memory of past traumatic experiences related to the handling of their feet.

Gentle Aging
Created to assist our aging animal companions with health and vitality. This essence offers them support for changing bodily systems and functions, releases embarrassment and frustration at not being able to do what they once could, and provides energetic balance and grace through the golden years.

Grief Relief
Created for both humans and animal companions alike, for grief due to any type of loss including the death or loss of a companion or guardian, loss of a home, divorce etc. Releases our attachment and encourages a spiritual connection, and knowing that the love that we shared lives on.

Group Harmony 
Whether your group is two or twenty, this essence will work to alleviate dominance, aggression, bullying and territoriality and promote positive leadership, trust and confidence in the group. It helps each animal energetically accept other family members, and is also effective for a single animal that interacts with others from time to time.

Mark No More 
To help with any type of inappropriate elimination in dogs and cats including urination, defecation and spraying. It is designed to energetically clear issues of fear, stress, intolerance, spitefulness and territorial issues, associated with these behaviors.

Nature’s Blessing
Created to assist animals living in unnatural environments in maintaining their connection with nature and mother earth. This formula is particularly good for indoor cats that yearn for the outdoors, birds unable to fly freely, and show animals living in unnatural ways.

Puppy Mill
Created to assist animals that have resided in puppy (and kitty) mills. It is designed to help with issues of socialization, housetraining, fears, defensiveness, deprivation and abuse.

Created to assist our animal companions with detoxification, on all levels. Recommended for exposure to physical, emotional and environmental toxins, as well as any other conditions that may require detoxification.

Rescue Animal Recovery
Created to assist animals that are currently in resuce, or have been rescued. It is designed to energetically clear issues of abandonment, abuse, neglect and trust. It helps them open to understand that they are safe at last in their forever home (or at least on their way there).

Skin Comfort
To aid with any issues of the skin including, itching, rashes, fleas and insect bites, allergic reactions and hotspots.

Soaring Spirit
Created to restore and rebuild the spirit of animals that have suffered abuse and abandonment, extreme injuries or illnesses, been lost for a period of time, or had long stays in shelters.

Training Support
Created to support your animal companion (and you too) with all aspects of training including focus, drive, enthusiasm and fun. Excellent for animals experiencing boredom, having difficulty learning and even the injured and elderly who may feel left out of activities reserved for the healthy and young.

** Our Flower Essence line is currently off the market. **

THE PRACTITIONER COLLECTION Alcohol Free, preserved with Red Shiso
(1 oz bottles - $19.95 USD each)

Designed specifically for practitioners and students of Animal Communication and Energy Healing.

Animal Energy Attunement
Created to help you to integrate the knowledge, wisdom and energy transmitted by Lynn, your spirit guides, and higher self during Animal Communication and Healing training. It allows for the assimilation of vast amounts of information on all levels with gentle grace and ease.

NEW Clear Obstacles To Psychic Mastery
Created to help you identify and clear whatever arises in you as obstructions to ease, confidence and mastery of Animal Communication and working with the intuitive energies of the animals, your guides, and your higher self. Eliminate self-doubt and second-guessing; allow yourself to become still and centered to receive information accurately; release ego-based distortions and anything that gets in the way of your clear communication.

Connecting with Guides and Helpers 
Created to help you to connect with your spirit guides, and other helpers, both in the physical and non physical realm. It also opens you to the wisdom of your totem animals, healing team and directly aligns you with Lynn’s Andalusian stallion guide, Lucero. It allows for the release of any fear and helps you open to clear guidance.

This essence was created to encourage you to become familiar with the feeling of being grounded and having a solid, rooted connection with mother earth. It encourages this state, and programs you on a cellular level for instant recall when needed.

NEW Integrate and Assimilate The Magic
Created to help you ready yourself to integrate what you are learning, so that it becomes personally meaningful. Let yourself realize how to put into practice all the lessons and wisdom you have received, and put it to work for you as a fully developed practitioner, ready to be of service to animals and the people who love them. Let knowing and doing become one inside you.

Quieting the Mind 
Created to help bring your focus of awareness to the present moment to allow for a quiet mind and increased ability to receive. It eases doubt, mind chatter and self judgment that often occur when learning a new skill. It can be used to help you prepare for a session, or detach after one.

Created to assist you in developing and enhancing your telepathic skills. It helps you in opening to the higher levels of tuning in, and being in communion or oneness with the soul spirit of an animal. It enhances clear knowing and healing love and awakens you to the wonderful gifts of animal communication.


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