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Calling all soul-based coaches, consultants, healers and mentors who know you’re worth more than you’re currently earning....

Key to Success

Lynn McKenzie, 6-Figure Marketing Mentor & Money, Marketing And Soul™ Coach
Lynn McKenzie
Money, Marketing & Soul™ Coach

Finally, I'm revealing a simple, Spirit-Rich way that you can quickly and easily raise your fees and earn 10-20-30 percent (or more!) than you do right now

(Plus I’m revealing the simple secrets to raising your fees that NO ONE else is telling you) so you can confidently charge what you're worth and get it!

Listen in on the replay of a content-rich training call by Lynn:

"3 Simple Steps to Making & Keeping More Money, Doing Work You Love While Delivering Awesome, Life-Changing Results for Your Clients"

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"Why settle for less when you KNOW you're worth MORE?"



From: Lynn McKenzie, ”Highest Vision Marketing”
At my comfortable home in the magical red rocks of sunny, Sedona, AZ
Thursday, 12pm PT

Dear Enlightened Entrepreneur,

Is it like pulling teeth to get people to pay your fees, even though you know how valuable your service is, and what a difference it makes in people's lives and businesses?

Do you know others in your field who charge more than you do, but it's a mystery to you how they get people to pay it?

Have you discounted your fees, or been afraid to raise them, because you don't think people will pay the higher price?

Have you struggled to break through your income ceiling but been unsuccessful, even though you’ve been trying for years?

Do you keep telling yourself you need to wait until you get more experience first (even though your clients rave about you!)?

Since you don't have boatloads of clients right now do you think maybe it's best to wait to change things (letting that voice of self-doubt creep in and take control)?

If the answer to any - or all of these questions is “YES, that’s me!”, then keep reading.

I've personally coached many soul-based women entrepreneurs... and connected with thousands more. And here's the thing they keep telling me, over and over again...

"I'm not making enough money!"so chances are it’s the same for you. The truth is it doesn’t have to be this way!

Why do so many women entrepreneurs struggle with charging and earning what they're worth? Because there's more to it than meets the eye...

* FACT or FICTION? The tough guy 'just get over it' approach always works

Pure fiction! If all you needed was to hear the "just get over it" speech, then you would have raised your rates a long time ago, and never suffer any doubt about whether clients will pay. Boy, don't we all wish it was that easy?!

The truth is, you're sensitive not only to what your clients want, but also to what works for you. Sure, you're ready to start earning more (and I am more than ready to show you how) but the methods have to line up with your values, otherwise, no deal. I totally get that (I feel exactly the same way)!

* FACT or FICTION? You can charge more (actually, LOTS more) than others in your field EVEN IF you are still gaining experience and knowledge

Absolute fact! I bet you're a life-time learner, which means you'll never stop gaining new knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Waiting until you "know more" is silly; you already know plenty! And besides, you already do a GREAT job delivering results to your clients.

Now, aren't the results you're delivering worth A LOT MORE than you currently charge? You and I both know they are!

* FACT or FICTION? Charging what you're worth and getting it is really just a simple recipe that ANYONE can follow (even if you hate talking about money)

Fact. Once you see how simple charging more can be, you'll wonder why you didn't get your hands on this information sooner than today.

Let me reassure you, learning how to price your services so you feel great about what you're receiving - and your clients know they are getting great value - is something I'm ready to show you how to do
right now.


Here's just a sampling of what I'll walk you through IN DETAIL in this telecourse


Class #1: How to Align Money With Your Spiritual Path & Clear Emotional Blocks To Earning What You’re Worth

We all know that what’s in our bank accounts is a physical manifestation of what’s in our ‘spiritual bank accounts’ but did you know that how we do money is how we do life? This class brings you UP CLOSE and personal with money, how you view it, any blockages you may have and, best of all, it gives you techniques to dissolve them quickly and effortlessly.

I’ll show you:

  • The number one way to FINALLY break through your current income ceiling, even though you’ve been trying to for years
  • What you must firmly anchor in place to achieve your money breakthrough
  • How to reset your ‘money speedometer’ and ‘put the pedal to the metal’ (even if you’re just starting out)
  • How to create NEW money mindsets you’ve probably never even thought about
  • A technique to powerfully release money blocks once and for all


Class #2: How To Eliminate Self Doubt & Learn to Reveal the Profound Value of The ‘Transformation’ You Offer

Sadly, most soul-based entrepreneurs don’t really understand what they’re selling so it’s no wonder they doubt themselves, their fees and the true value of their worth.

I’ll show you:

  • How to powerfully and effortlessly present the nitty-gritty of your services so your benefits sell themselves
  • How to nip self-doubt in the bud and banish your "am I worth it" worries once and for all
  • How to avoid justifying your fee (and quit giving away your power and diminishing the value of your offer)
  • How to discover your profound impact on the lives of your clients


Class #3: How To Create and Design Irresistible Packages and Programs That Sell Themselves (And That Your Clients Will Want to Pay For)

Every entrepreneur has a business model (even if you didn’t know you had one :-) ). Unfortunately, if you’ve been using the ‘time for money’ business model you are severely limiting your income earning capacity and wearing yourself out.

I’ll show you:

  • How to adopt a business model that will turn your traditional time-based services into powerful, lucrative packages that bring in tons more money without adding one bit to your workload (this alone is easily worth 10 times the modest investment in this program!)
  • How to create packages that give your prospective client a choice of ‘yeses’, in three simple steps
  • How to let your prospective clients create their own "return on investment" reasons for hiring you (do this and they'll convince themselves)
  • How to craft bonuses and incentives that make it easy for your clients to say YES


Class #4: How To Raise Your Fees And Authentically Stand In Your Power With Money

Almost a decade ago I had a business coach that shared with me that every time she was getting low on clients she’d raise her fees. I remember thinking to myself “What is she, NUTS?” Over time I came to realize that what we charge has a direct impact on the amount of business we have (and NOT in the way you might think).

I’ll show you:

  • How to authentically raise your fees to a number that’s in alignment with your goals and allows you to stand in full integrity
  • Three simple ways to know if you're charging enough (and what to do about it if you're not)
  • How to confidently quote your fee (and never again doubt that it's too much)
  • Why being "expensive" makes you more desirable (even if you don't have years of experience or lots of clients yet)


Class #5: How to Act Like the 6-Figure (or Multiple 6-Figure) Business Owner You Wish To Be

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘fake it until you make it’ and I’m sure you’ve had to use it once or twice. This is one of the KEY steps in your income breakthrough.

I’ll show you:

  • The 6-figure leadership question you MUST ask yourself
  • How to value your time so that others value you
  • ‘If you’re worth $100 per hour, why are you doing $15 an hour work?’ and how to easily break free of that
  • How bartering could be sabotaging your success and leading to decreased income flow
  • How to uncover the COST to your clients of NOT investing with you


Class #6: How To Live In ‘Energetic Integrity’ So You Can Confidently Charge What You’re Worth - And Get It!

It's one thing to WANT to charge what you’re worth and attract more income and business, but another to be in energetic alignment with those desires.

Now that we’ve covered most of the proven and practical "how to" steps in this program, we’re going to delve DEEP into the juicy, all-important energetic practices you can do to make sure you are a confident and expansive match with your income and the businesses you are creating.

I’ll show you:

  • Ways you unconsciously push clients (and income) away
  • Five areas of your life and business where you may be out of alignment with the income and clients you wish to attract
  • Action steps and exercises to keep you in energetic alignment with your goals
  • How what I reveal about my own journey will help you to take a shortcut to living in energetic alignment with your income breakthroughs and how to charge what you’re worth and get it!


Class #7: Two Key Areas Where you May Be Leaving Income On The Table

Do you like to invest in proven (and guaranteed) programs, products and services? ...Yes? So do your clients!

I’ll show you:

  • How to give a fool-proof guarantee that gives your clients peace of mind (and makes it easy for them to invest in you) without promising more than you can live up to
  • The REAL purpose of a guarantee and why so many entrepreneurs are afraid of offering one (it’s not as risky as you think), and how it can dramatically increase your income
  • Tips on ‘collecting’ testimonials that sell YOU
  • Seven secret ways testimonials will help you ‘Charge What You’re Worth and Get It’


Sharon Madsen"Before coaching with Lynn I was stuck in the one-on-one model of delivering my services. By incorporating Lynn's techniques and money mindsets, I have added leveraged programs that have tripled my income in a matter of months, and my clients LOVE this training. Thank you Lynn! I'm so grateful for your wisdom and guidance."

Sharon Madsen
Registered Massage Therapist, Clinical Training Facilitator
Dragonfly Therapeutics


PLUS...These Awesome BONUSES:

Awesome Bonus Script: How to Answer The Question “What Do You Charge?”

This script is what you’ll use only when the perfect time to bring up the topic of price arises and it will show you exactly what to say, word-for-word.

If your client asks what your fee is too soon, you'll know exactly how to respond - you’ll love how respectful and powerful this script is!


Awesome Bonus: 21 Tips To Help You Charge What You’re Worth And Get It

These fabulous tips that I will share with you will help you to finally and simply step into your worth and receive the income you deserve.

Once you see them you will discover just how easy it is to charge what you’re worth and get it!


Coralyn Hughes‘Lynn coached me to get crystal clear on my life purpose, mission and brand, and by implementing just one of her many ideas I was able to double my income practically overnight!’

CoraLyn Hughes
Online Business Manager


Awesome Bonus : "A Step-By-Step Process To Create Your Own Signature System That Does The Selling For You" Audio Training

In this special BONUS audio I'll walk you through, step-by-step, how to transform "that thing you do" into an exciting Signature System that attracts plenty of new clients.

Every business owner has their own special magic they do and in this audio I’ll walk you through a process to transform your special magic into a repeatable, step-by-step system that tells clients exactly what they get when they hire you. You might be thinking ‘Ya but what I do can’t be transformed into a system Lynn’ but I’ll show you how it can!

Benefits to having a Signature System:

  • It brands you as the ‘go to’ expert
  • It helps clients self-identify themselves as your ‘ideal clients’
  • Clients love to be part of a process with a set start and finish point
  • Your clients will get better and quicker results
  • You can rest assured that you’ve delivered exactly what attracted them to you in the first place
  • In this audio training I’ll show you how to turn your Signature System into leveraged Multiple Streams of Income, incorporating both low-end and high-end products, programs and services

VALUE: $197


Awesome Bonus: Complete Audio Recordings of the Entire Income Breakthrough Secrets Telecourse Series

headphonesCan't make a live call or simply want to hear a call again to pick up even more great information? Call recordings are conveniently posted on a secure web page within 2 business days so you can download them to your favorite listening device. Perfect for listening to again and again!


Awesome Bonus: Templates, Scripts, Exercises & ‘Done-For-You’ Extras GALORE

This program is loaded with done-for-you scripts (that work), exercises, templates, and checklists to save you time, and make sure you put this information into action immediately.

Time is money! These proven, done-for-you materials will save you both time and money, and will eliminate the burden of starting from scratch.

VALUE: Priceless!


Debbie Davis‘Lynn’s coaching and intuitive gifts combined with her proven business and marketing systems took me from a place of wanting clarity on my direction to running a successful online business, in no time. Thanks Lynn!’

Debbie Davis
Hand Analyst


Kendall SummerHawk"Lynn's intuitive gifts and ability to 'read' both animals and people are a priceless combination that can unlock the secrets to your passion, purpose and authentic success in business!"

Kendall SummerHawk
Million dollar Marketing Coach
and Founder, International Association of Women in Business Coaching


Colette Baron-Reid"I've known Lynn's work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation."

Colette Baron-Reid
Internationally acclaimed
Intuitive, Author, & Speaker 



David Krueger MD

“Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her.”

David Krueger MD
Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance
Executive Coach


Here's a recap of exactly what you’ll receive when you enroll in this exciting and timely "Income Breakthrough Secrets" Telecourse:

  • 7 in-depth training calls on the Income Breakthrough Secrets System, personally taught by Lynn McKenzie (each call is between 60 and 70 minutes)
  • Q&A time on at least two of the calls
  • BONUS Tips "21 Tips To Help You Charge What You’re Worth And Get It"
  • BONUS training audio, "How To Create Your Own Signature System That Does The Selling For You"
  • BONUS templates, checklists, exercises and 'done-for-you' extras so you can put this information into action immediately.
  • BONUS script How to Answer The Question "What Do You Charge?"
  • MP3 audios of all calls - posted within 2 business days after each call, in case you miss one or just want to listen in again

You can see I'm making this easy for you to succeed! And best of all, this course is available at a very modest investment. I'm doing this because I know this topic is ESSENTIAL for every entrepreneur who needs to generate more income, so I want to make it EASY for you to join me. No matter where you are in your business or what your financial situation may be, I'm committed to serving YOU and sharing this life-changing information. So, I've created an investment that EVERYONE can say YES to...

So what’s the investment to learn to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It?

Honestly, the value of this information is so significant that I could easily charge $1497 (or MUCH more) for this training. I’m confident that no matter what you currently charge, $1497 is just a FRACTION of what you’re missing out on by not having this information. But, to keep it ACCESSIBLE TO YOU…

When you reserve your spot in this training, your investment is just $397 (or 4 bi-weekly payments of $112).

So, are you ready to fast track to charging what you’re worth and earning great income, doing what you love?

No worries - each call is recorded and posted in a secure area for you to access (recordings are available within 2 business days), along with the handouts, templates, scripts and more.

My Personal "Make You MORE Than Happy" Guarantee

Lynn McKenzie, 6-Figure Marketing Mentor & Money, Marketing And Soul™ CoachI'm 100% confident that you’re going to LOVE the information I deliver in Income Breakthrough Secrets and if you employ the techniques and resources I share with you, you'll know how to confidently charge higher fees (and either work less or earn more) than your currently are.

I’m taking the risk completely away for you. If by the end of the SIXTH class the information I share with yoSatisfaction Guaranteedu doesn’t show you how, simply send us an email stating where we ‘didn’t measure up’ (so we can improve our program), and asking for a refund and I’ll personally refund you out of my OWN pocket. You have my word on it!

You're fully protected by my guarantee - you have nothing to lose. And if you're reading this far, you're ready. So let's get you started right away...


YES Lynn, I’m Ready To Register For
Income Breakthrough Secrets

(Now as a Self Directed Training Program)

1 payment of $397.00


Or 4 bi-weekly payments of $112.00

Please be assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

Don't miss it, at this affordable price.

Let's get you charging what you’re worth (and earning more), no matter where you are in your business right now!

Abundant Blessings,


P.S. Remember, you're investing in Income Breakthrough Secrets at absolutely NO RISK to you. You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain with the wealth of information, templates, checklists and more that I'm including, so register now.

P.P.S. No worrieseach call is recorded and posted in a secure area for you to access (recordings are available within 2 days), along with the handouts, templates, scripts and more. This is your moment to register click here to do so now!

David Krueger MD IAWBC

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

Highest Vision Marketing

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