Dear Healer, Intuitive, Therapist, Energy Worker, Consultant,
Conscious Coach or Animal Lover...

Would You Love To Learn To Communicate With
Your Beloved Animal Companions To Deepen
Your Connection With Them And All Of Life?

Lynn & Shilo

Dear Animal Lover

Mastering the art of Animal Communication and telepathy is more important now than ever before in history. We are living in energetically exciting and rapidly changing times leading up to the big shift in consciousness, and the animals, given the chance, are vital leaders perched at the forefront of this journey, ready and willing to not only teach us, but also to help humanity integrate and assimilate the energies of this great shift.

Imagine having a direct connection with your animal companions, and approaching everything you do with the freedom of knowing it is perfect for them.

Imagine having the ability to know, and trust your knowing in the following areas:

  • How to create improved health, happiness and emotional wellbeing
  • What they require or want from you
  • What you can do to improve their situation?
  • Are they in pain?
  • Where does it hurt?
  • What teachings do they have for you?
  • What messages do they want to relay to you?
  • Are you following their guidance?
  • What is their life purpose or divine mission?
  • Which training methods work best for them?
  • Do they feel loved?
  • Which foods do they prefer?
  • What veterinary or holistic treatments do they want?
  • Which supplements would be good for them?
  • How do they feel about welcoming another companion?

Are you ready to awaken your innate ability to communicate with animals on all levels?

The peace of mind that comes from understanding them at a deeper level is one of the principal benefits expressed by past students. You can have it too!


"One Stop, Everything but the Kitchen Sink"
incredibly in-depth Animal Communication Training

Animal Energy

I will teach you (and coach you on) everything you need to learn, which means you don't need to be already ‘gifted’ and ‘spiritually advanced’ to qualify to learn (and consult for others with) this powerful skill.



Colette Baron-Reid"I've known Lynn's work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation. My dogs love her."

Colette Baron-Reid
Internationally acclaimed
Intuitive, Author, & Speaker 



Kimberley Spencer

"I am thrilled with the quality and caliber of your training programs. I have gleaned so much and recommend them to anyone who is seeking deeper knowledge in the healing and intuitive genres."

Kimberley Spencer



So what IS "One Stop, Everything but the Kitchen Sink" Incredibly In-depth Animal Communication Training™?

Here’s just a sampling of the components you’ll receive in this exciting training program...


The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 1

heartThe path communicating with the animals is a process which I consider part of your spiritual journey. In over 15 years of teaching animal communication and healing, I have found certain skills to be key in mastering this work. In this set of six, one-hour audios with accompanying eBook, I cover topics such as how to quiet the mind, open the heart, listen on the inside, how to prepare for communication, how to connect with your guides and animal totems, what telepathy is, the various ways in which we receive information from the animals, and how to interpret it. You will also learn the code of ethics for animal communicators.


The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 2

heartThis portion of the training, another six one-hour audios with accompanying eBook, is designed to deepen your ability to access the souls and spirits of your animal companions and all of nature. You will develop stronger connections with your guides in the non-physical realm, gain an understanding of how to work with physical and health issues that present themselves, develop a greater understanding of the death and dying process and what can be done to assist the animals in their transition and learn counselling tools to help in negotiations with the animals.


The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 1 DVD

heartYou’ll receive my Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 1 training DVD that teaches you how to have a direct connection to your Animal Companions, both here and on the other side. This step-by-step beginner level Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication training DVD guides you to reawaken your innate communication abilities, expand your views of animals and the divine gifts they have to share, open yourself to sending and receiving clear, concise  messages to the animals and deepen your spiritual connection with all of life. It was filmed live on location at an actual workshop in Sedona, AZ.


Making the Heart Connection Meditation and Preparation

heartDesigned with the healer or animal communicator in mind, this audio contains two tracks. In the first, I walk you through a sequence of exercises that I recommend you do prior to connecting or communicating with the animals. In the second track, I lead you through a guided meditation that prepares you on all levels for healing, connecting or communicating with the animals. Students have been lauding the benefits of this audio for years.


Energy Work To Remove Blocks and Release Fears

heartThis module is dedicated to creating a crystal clear energy field to enable us to acknowledge and experience our abilities to their fullest. Animal communication students frequently have patterns and blocks instilled in their cellular memory which must be cleared, or fears that must be released, in order to step wholly into their place of divine connection and truly open to their highest potential. Sometimes the blocks are simply thought forms or faulty belief systems, and others, they are blockages and imbalances firmly entrenched in the energy field. Either way, clearing and releasing them is vital and will deeply enhance your progress.


Working With Non-physical Energies/Realms

heartYou will learn ways to connect with, download, and utilize the energies of the etheric (non-physical) realms including, but not limited to the Ascended Masters, the Legion of Angels, Animal Energies, Cosmic Energies and the Devic Kingdom. We were never meant to do our healing and light-work alone. There is an abundant level of support from the etheric realm and they’re literally ‘scratching at the door’, just waiting to help us. You will be reminded how to call upon them to energize and enchant your work, creativity and life.




This intensive training program was created to help you develop your animal communication skills so you can tap into the infinite wisdom that all sentient beings wish to share. Our training is suited not just for beginners but also those who are more seasoned and who may have taken other animal communication training in the past.

You Will:

  • Learn to open your channel to clear, interspecies telepathic communication to connect with your animal companions
  • Reawaken your innate abilities and discover how you’ve already communicated with animals in the past
  • Discover your unseen guides, helpers and healing team who are just waiting to help you
  • Expand your views of your animal companions and learn more about their feelings, perspectives, thoughts, images, guidance, impressions, and messages
  • Learn the different ways that the animals communicate with us
  • Deepen your spiritual connection with all of life and Mother Earth
  • Practice actual case studies with other participant’s animal companions
  • Learn to connect with beloved animal companions on the other side

This in-depth “One Stop, Everything but the Kitchen Sink" Animal Communication Training is a self-directed study program that includes 3 live classes (each approximately 1 hour in duration). This no fail program is designed to give you absolutely everything you will need to master the art of Animal Communication. I have left no stone unturned!

"Whether your interest is in becoming a professional animal communicator, or simply in using this information for your personal benefit, this program will open you up to a place of clarity, peace, awareness, spiritual growth and personal freedom through the information in these teachings."

David Krueger MD"Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and most recently in practicing and teaching Professional Coaching, I know Lynn as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with. I highly and unequivocally recommend her."

David Krueger MD
Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance
Executive Coach


Kendall SummerHawk"Lynn's intuitive gifts and ability to 'read' both animals and people are a priceless combination that can unlock the secrets to your passion, purpose and authentic success in business!"

Kendall SummerHawk
Million dollar Marketing Coach
and Founder, International Association of Women in Business Coaching


PLUS...You get these wonderful BONUSES, included in this training, valued at over $570:

BONUS Activate Your Money Tree Teleclass audio – a $77 value

BonusThis is one of the more juicy bonuses in "One Stop, Everything but the Kitchen Sink" and is justifiably a stand-alone offering. If you assimilate the information delivered in this bonus class alone, and actively commit to using it, you will have received the value of the entire program’s investment! This class is comprised of invaluable energetic activations and attunements. I will guide you through a sacred process where you will utilize your clairvoyance to activate your personal money tree; the energetic source of your unlimited abundance and inner wealth. I will guide you to experience a deeper understanding of your unique Vibrational Credibility and align with your Universal Bank Account.


BONUS Animal Reincarnation – a $29 value

BonusHave you ever wondered if your beloved animal companion will return from the afterlife to spend another lifetime with you? If so, how will you know when, and how they will return to you, and where will you look for them? Lastly, how can you even be sure it's them when you do think you've found them?

In this teleseminar we will explore the process of reincarnation of our animal companions and discuss where they go when they cross over, what they do when they're in spirit form and how they help us from the other side. We'll discuss how they guide us, and how they find their way back to us. We'll also discuss the possibility of them coming back as another species or another sex. You'll even learn about 'light codes' as a way of identifying them. With this information comes peace of mind. (89 minutes)


BONUS Animal Totems and Spirit Guides – a $29 value

BonusThis 86 minute audio is designed to teach you about your animal totems (often called power animals) and your spirit guides and share with you the remarkable roles that they play in your day to day life. These wonderful helpers take on important roles in your life including teaching, healing, guiding, and spearheading your spiritual development.

We will explore how you can communicate with these wonderful, etheric beings and ask them to assist you on your path. This audio also includes a guided ‘Meet your Spirit Guides and Animal Totems’ meditation.


BONUS The Energy Field of Animals – a $29 value

BonusThis class is designed to give an in-depth understanding of the entire energy system of animals. You will learn about the subtle bodies including the etheric double, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and you will also learn of the interplay between the subtle bodies, meridians and the major and minor chakra system.

We will discuss the effects of harmonious and discordant energies on the animal and how even what appears to be tiny disturbances from a variety of sources can come to affect the delicate balance of this system. We will also discuss techniques for clearing them. (75 minutes)


BONUS Awakening to and Deepening your Psychic/Intuitive and Animal Communications Skills – a $29 value

BonusDo you yearn to be more connected to the nonphysical realm, to receive better communication from the animals, spirit, the universe and your guides? Perhaps you want to further develop your clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience. If so, this is the audio for you!

This teleseminar is designed to encourage a deeper receptive state within you, to help you receive information from both your animal companions, the universe and all beings of the non-physical realm. You will receive attunements from my guides and leave with some practices that you can do after the class. There are no prerequisites for this course. (71 minutes)


BONUS 11 Simple Energy Techniques for Healthy Animal Companions – a $29 value

BonusThis class brought rave reviews from participants! Do you ever wish you could do more for your beloved animal companions to help them through times of stress, discomfort and dis-ease? Then this class is for you.

This teleseminar will teach you some simple and very easy to do energy techniques and healing modalities that you can use to help your animal companions lead happier, healthier lives. It will include techniques that are designed to help with a variety of issues including behavioral, illness, and even emergency situations. You will be surprised at how simple some of these are yet they yield such powerful results.


Animals in Spirit - Interview with Penelope Smith – a $29 value

BonusThis is an absolutely fabulous and rare interview with pioneer Animal Communication Specialist Penelope Smith. Animals in Spirit, the title of her recent book, is the topic of this class, and has been one of the hottest areas of focus for my student base to date.

This class covers topics such as the dimension of the spirit realm, messages from departed animals, contacting your animal companions in spirit and animals returning to us in new lives. Penelope’s knowledge and compassion is refreshing and heartwarming, and not to be missed! (60 minutes)


Receiving Divine Guidance and Healing through your Animal Companions – a $29 value

BonusDid you know that vital, life altering guidance is available to you on a regular basis and is as close to you as your beloved animal companions are? They are constantly sharing and nudging you forth along your path. It is their divine mission to partner with you, both in this lifetime and even beyond, into the afterlife, to share meaningful wisdom from the higher planes that they have direct access to.

Your animal companions are fabulous healers that come with a divine mission to bring you back to your authentic self, the ‘You’ you were meant to be. They take it upon themselves to slough away all the unwanted energetic debris that is holding you back so that you may flourish and grow exponentially. This teleseminar will awaken you to both the guidance and the healing that’s available to you. (70 minutes)


BONUS Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Animals & Humans – a $67 value

BonusI included this bonus because the information in this two-part program will give you the tools to enhance your clairvoyance and clear any blocks or ‘stuck points’. Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT, is a meridian energy therapy that yields absolutely outstanding results. It was originally developed for use on people but due to the remarkable results it was also applied to animals and discovered to be just as powerful. It can be used to energetically clear virtually any issue or situation you can envision, on any level. EFT is done by simply tapping on your major body meridian points to clear blockages and imbalances and bring about desired results. For animals, we use our own bodies as a surrogate.

BonusThese audios (2 totaling 115 minutes) will give you the basic step by step instructions and knowledge to clear and release issues to bring about desired results for both yourself and your animal companions. These training audios come accompanied by a very informative 12 page eBook download.


BonusBONUS Healing Animals With Flower Essences Training Program - a $197 value

As crazy as this sounds I am including my full Healing Animals With Flower Essences Training Program. I thought long and hard for a bonus that would be MOST helpful and VALUABLE to you and I came up with this one which I know you’re going to LOVE.

BonusIt goes perfectly with Animal communication training! This in-depth training includes five one-hour Healing Animals With Flower Essences’ Training classes (audios - both in mp3 and playback format) with an accompanying downloadable eBook.



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To recap, here's exactly what you'll get with the "One Stop, Everything but the Kitchen Sink" incredibly in-depth Animal Communication Training ™ Program...

OVER 38 hours of training via DVD and mp3 download:

heart The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 1 (6 recorded 1 hour audio classes) - a $247.00 value
heart The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 2 (6 recorded 1 hour audio classes) - a $247.00 value
heart Two detailed eBook handouts for the above programs
heart Your hand-picked Animal Communication ‘totem animal helper’ emailed to you (chosen by Lynn) - a $10.00 value
heart The Divine Mission of Animals; Animal Communication 1 DVD (79 minutes of a full day class shot live in Sedona AZ) - a $59.00 value
heart Making the Heart Connection Meditation and Preparation Audio MP3 Download - a $17.00 value
heart An audio recording of the Activate Your Money Tree teleclass - a $77.00 value
heart Mp3 downloads of 7 one-hour trainings hand-picked to accelerate your learning in this program (Animal Reincarnation, 11 Simple Energy Techniques for Healthy Animal Companions, Animals in Spirit, Animal Totems and Spirit Guides, The Energy Field of Animals, Awakening to and Deepening your Psychic/Intuitive and Animal Communications Skills, and Receiving Divine Guidance and Healing through your Animal Companions) - a $203.00 value
heart Mp3 downloads of my two-part Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)Training Program and downloadable eBook - a $67.00 value
heart My entire in-depth Healing Animals With Flower Essences Training Program - mp3 downloads of 5 one-hour trainings and downloadable eBook - a $197.00 value


Carol Watts

I have just completed class 2 and followed the homework assignments to the letter. I just wanted you to know that this is the best investment I have ever made! My income has already 'effortlessly' increased to the point that I need to review the money speedometer. I am so excited to hear the rest of the classes, this is obviously a learning tool that I needed desperately. Thank you so much!

Carol Watts



Debbie Davis'Lynn's coaching and intuitive gifts combined with her proven business and marketing systems took me from a place of wanting clarity on my direction to running a successful online business, in no time. Thanks Lynn!'

Debbie Davis
Hand Analyst


So now you may be wondering, "Lynn, this sounds exciting, but what is my investment?"

If you’ve looked around you’ll know that the investment for most in-depth, 3-Part Animal Communication Training Programs is in the neighborhood of $700 and they aren’t offering you nearly as much training as this program is. Because I’m so passionate about getting this important and powerful information out there, I’m offering it at a fraction of that.

Investment: $555 or 4 payments of $144


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Investment: $555.00


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4 payments of $144.00
(Every 3 weeks)

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Still Undecided?

Ask me any question that’s on your mind (or in your heart) about the ‘One Stop Everything but the Kitchen Sink In-depth Animal Communication™’ Training program and I'll help you decide if it's right for you. to send an email now, with "Question about Animal Communication Training" in the subject line, and one of my wonderful team members will be in touch ASAP.

Ali Brown"Lynn McKenzie is the most accurate animal communicator I've ever worked with. She was able to help me find out why my cat Francine was howling at night, alleviating a lot of anger and frustration on my part, and bringing me to a new level of love and connection with my long-time furry friend. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone who wants to communicate with their pets!"

Alexandria Brown
CEO Alexandria Brown International Inc.


Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst"Lynn's reading opened me up to a whole new dimension in my relationship with my three dogs. I'm pictured with my beloved pup, Ellie. I was deeply moved when Lynn told me that Ellie came into my life to open my heart. Apparently, she is also my meditation partner. I now affectionately call her "the meditation dog" – and I'm meditating with her. It's joyous, heart-melting fun.

If you want to deepen your relationship with your beloved creatures, Lynn will show you how. Thank you again, Lynn, for your powerful, transformative perspectives on how to be a better friend and caretaker to my furry kids."

Baeth Davis
The Hand Analyst, Inc.


OceanOur Vets and even the Veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Guelph had trouble diagnosing what was physically wrong with our precious dog Ocean. When we turned to Lynn for a reading, she knew exactly where to tell them to test; the duodenum. Imagine our vet's surprise when the tests proved her accurate! Lynn may have saved Ocean's life.



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