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‘Learn on Demand’ Pre-recorded Classes (listen now)
All prices are in US Dollars

Teleclass and Workshop Schedule

All Teleseminar recordings are approximately 60-70 minutes in length however some of the classes and programs listed below contain multiple 60 minute classes. Audio recordings are sent to you by email, automatically after your purchase. They come in the form of MP3 files which may be listened to on your computer, downloaded to your hard drive, burned to CD, or transferred to an iPod. If course notes accompany the class, the download will also be included in this email.

To review the schedule of live teleseminars that are being offered over the next few months, click here.

Detailed descriptions of recorded classes that are available to purchase (new classes are added frequently):  

Meet And Manifest With Your Spirit Guides

Actual Audio Time: 5 Audios - 330 minutes

Meeting and interacting with our spirit guides is such a natural process and one that all beings are meant to master. Our guides have been known to transmit valuable guidance, and even caution us regarding non beneficial situations. They LOVE to help us with fun things like meeting new people, manifesting and being more creative; connecting more deeply with them can bring forth inner peace and spiritual advancement.

  • Meet and become acquainted with your Spirit Guides
  • Learn to communicate, and form relationships, with them
  • Experience receiving divine guidance for major and everyday decisions
  • Learn the various roles of your guides and how they can help you with relationships, love, career and business
  • Participate in regular class meditations designed to enhance and deepen your connection
  • Learn how your spirit guides can help you with manifesting, creativity, grief, learning new things and inner peace
  • Awaken or advance yourself further as a spiritual being and expand your awareness
  • Gain a better understanding of the angelic and non physical realms
  • Increase your understanding of the afterlife
  • Step into your power with their assistance
  • Improve your life all round



Activate Your Money Tree

Actual Audio Time: 50 Minutes

If you assimilate the information delivered in this audio alone, and actively commit to using it, you will have received the value of the entire program's investment! This audio is comprised of invaluable energetic activations and attunements. I will guide you through a sacred process where you will utilize your clairvoyance to activate your personal money tree; the energetic source of your unlimited abundance and inner wealth. You will experience a deeper understanding of your unique Vibrational Credibility and align with your Universal Bank Account. $77.00


Master Animal Teachers and Dimensional Travel Part 2 With Penelope Smith

Actual Audio Time: 108 Minutes

Master animal teachers are individuals of other species who have extraordinary presence, a potent grasp of higher and deeper realities beyond physical reality, a wisdom, serenity, and love that can be strongly seen and felt by others, and who live in a way that demonstrates levels of higher evolution possible for us all.

In part 1 of this tele-seminar, Master Wizard Sherman made a moving appearance, transmitting a pyramid of golden energy to the whole group to accelerate our ability to travel through dimensions. The cellular ripples were extraordinary, to say the least. Sherman indicated he wanted to further teach us about dimensional travel, answer our questions, and conduct an exercise to further our ability. Sherman gave Penelope a preview and took her on the dimensional voyage that he will be facilitating with the tele-seminar participants in part 2. It was soul-stirring and expansive. $37.00


Buy both Part One and Part Two! $74.00

Master Animal Teachers and Dimensional Travel Part 1 With Penelope Smith

Actual Audio Time: 72 Minutes

Animals can communicate and demonstrate many wonderful teachings, such as how to appreciate life in each moment and to have loving kindness and compassion for ourselves. Master animal teachers are individuals of other species who have extraordinary presence, a potent grasp of higher and deeper realities beyond physical reality, a wisdom, serenity, and love that can be strongly seen and felt by others, and who live in a way that demonstrates levels of higher evolution possible for us all.

Penelope Smith, master animal communication teacher, will talk about experiences she has had of master animal teachers, such as dolphins, whales, birds, and cats, consciously traveling through dimensions. Particularly intriguing is a recent experience with an orange tabby cat, Oliver, who was sent to her by her former orange tabby cat, Master Wizard Sherman. Their collaboration in an adventure of remarkable traveling, physically and otherwise, brings science fiction down to earth. $37.00


Buy both Part One and Part Two! $74.00

Manifesting and Creating with Solstice, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Energy

Actual Audio Time: 78 Minutes

This year, here in the northern hemisphere, our winter solstice (Dec. 21st) coincides with a full moon and lunar eclipse; how powerful! Join us as we look forward to the coming year and set our intentions to create and manifest whatever our hearts desire for ourselves and our animal companions, with the help of the light.

There will be channeling, energy work, exercises and meditation in this class to celebrate this auspicious time and set the stage for the coming year. This class is taking place one day before the solstice to accommodate my schedule and also to allow those who cannot attend live, and those who would like to listen a second time. $37.00


Animal Reincarnation

Actual Audio Time: 89 Minutes

Have you ever wondered if your beloved animal companion will return from the afterlife to spend another lifetime with you? If so, how will you know when, and how they will return to you, and where will you look for them? Lastly, how can you even be sure it's them when you do think you've found them? More Info $37.00


Animals in Spirit - Interview with Penelope Smith

Actual Audio Time: 60 Minutes

This is an absolutely fabulous and rare interview with pioneer Animal Communication Specialist Penelope Smith. Animals in Spirit, the title of her recent book, is the topic of this class, and has been one of the hottest areas of focus for my student base to date. More Info $37.00


11 Simple Energy Techniques for Healthy Animal Companions

Actual Audio Time: 74 Minutes

This class brought rave reviews from participants! Do you ever wish you could do more for your beloved animal companions to help them through times of stress, discomfort and dis-ease? Then this class is for you. More Info $37.00


Affirmations and Chakra Healing; Supersize Your Animal's Healing with this Fabulous Duo!

Actual Audio Time: 80 Minutes + 32 Minute Bonus Call!

Using Affirmations to Support Your Animal's Health and Wellness. Kathleen Prasad will review the 5 Reiki Precepts. Combine these Affirmations with Chakra Energy Healing! Lynn McKenzie will review the 9 major animal chakras and show you how to incorporate the affirmations based on the above Reiki precepts to perform corresponding chakra healings for the animals. Receive as a special bonus, the 5 Reiki Precepts call with Kathleen Prasad! More Info $67.00


Awakening to and Deepening your Psychic/Intuitive and Animal Communications Skills

Actual Audio Time: 71 Minutes

Do you yearn to be more connected to the nonphysical realm, to receive better communication from the animals, spirit, the universe and your guides? Perhaps you want to further develop your clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience. More Info $37.00


Horse Spirit Energy™, Providing Life Lessons on Healing, Power and Potential

Actual Audio Time: 63 Minutes

Horses are incredible beings that represent freedom, power, strength, beauty and so much more for humanity. Many of us choose to partner with them, physically or etherically, for emotional and spiritual enlightenment and healing. It is my belief that their teachings and guidance are unparalleled. More Info $37.00


Receiving Divine Guidance and Healing through your Animal Companions

Actual Audio Time: 70 Minutes

Did you know that vital, life altering guidance is available to you on a regular basis and is as close to you as your beloved animal companions are? They are constantly sharing and nudging you forth along your path. It is their divine mission to partner with you, both in this lifetime and even beyond, into the afterlife, to share meaningful wisdom from the higher planes that they have direct access to. More Info $37.00


Introduction to Animal Chakras

Actual Audio Time: 67 Minutes

The chakra system holds the key to so many imbalances in our animal companions, whether they are of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. By unlocking these imbalances, we not only enable them to live in greater comfort and joy, but we can unravel their untold stories, sometimes even more effectively than through animal communication. More Info $37.00


Enhance Your Animal Communication for Greater Clarity and Accuracy

Actual Audio Time: 76 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to really communicate with your beloved animal companions? Perhaps you already do communicate with them, but would like to refine your mastery. It is my belief that all of humanity can communicate in an accurate way with the animals, and all of life for that matter, in fact it’s our birthright! . More Info $37.00


Accessing the Divine; Easily Receiving the Information & Answers you Need & Want

Actual Audio Time: 84 Minutes

This class is an introduction to divining information and answers through dowsing to help both you and your animal companions. Dowsing is like a turbo charge for our intuition and animal communication skills. Once proficient at it, it can be used faithfully to confirm and even determine answers to any questions you may have. More Info $37.00


The Energy Field of Animals

Actual Audio Time: 75 Minutes

This class is designed to give an in-depth understanding of the entire energy system of animals. You will learn about the subtle bodies including the etheric double, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and you will also learn of the interplay between the subtle bodies, meridians and the major and minor chakra system. More Info $37.00


Communicating and Connecting with your Animal Companions in Spirit

Actual Audio Time: 72 Minutes

Do you want to have a direct connection with your animal companions on the other side? Imagine receiving confirmation that they are around you, and trusting that they are there for you on a daily basis, and even receiving messages and guidance from them. I believe everyone can do this. More Info $37.00


Animals, Deliverers of Messages; Paving your way to 2012 - in Living Color

Actual Audio Time: 74 Minutes

Join myself and Julianne Bien of Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc. Your animal companions and those you encounter convey constant messages during these changing times. They are in support of your journey and have something to share for the betterment of your life; it’s time to listen closer! Learn how to read their color-coded messages to enhance your life and intuition. More Info $37.00


Group Healing; Clearing Blocks for you and your Animal Companions

Actual Audio Time: 67 Minutes

This class (which I also refer to as an ‘energy fix’) will be a group ‘healing and clearing’ session designed to clear any blocks you or your animal companion may have to attaining good health and wellbeing on all levels. Each person on the call (and even family members and animal companions) will receive the attunements, shifts and balances that will help to bring you closer to your divine authentic selves. More Info $37.00


Healing with the Ascended Masters and Angels

Actual Audio Time: 72 Minutes

Ascended Masters are beings of high vibrational frequency, so high in fact that they often are referred to as light beings. They function as great spiritual teachers, healers and guides for humanity. They can help with any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, really any issue of our day to day lives that we can imagine. Think spiritual development, enhancement of our healing or psychic/intuitive skills, health concerns, manifesting, animal communication, ascension and more. More Info $37.00


Access the Gift of 2012: Enhance Your Intuitive, Healing & Spiritual Abilities

Actual Audio Time: 60 Minutes

We can all access the transformational energies of the 2012 Shift now. Allison Rae, intuitive astrologer and author Cosmic Time, will guide us in attuning to the potentials and possibilities of the 2012 transition with specific tools to help you develop your intuition, healing gifts and spiritual growth at this special time in Earth's history. More Info $37.00


Color Therapy for Animals

Actual Audio Time: 115 Minutes (Two 60 minute classes with 16 page eBook)

Color Therapy is such a wonderful healing modality and one that the animals respond to so well. I personally love it because it is non invasive yet so very powerful. This two part audio program teaches you about the energy of color, ways that color can be used in healing, chakra colors, the healing properties of color, the twelve color rays, sending the frequencies of color to another and more! It is chock full of valuable information. More Info $97.00


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Animals & Humans

Actual Audio Time: 115 Minutes (Two 60 minute classes with 12 page eBook)

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT, is an energy therapy that yields absolutely outstanding results. It was originally developed for use on people but due to these remarkable results it was quickly applied to animals and discovered to be just at powerful. It can be used to energetically clear virtually any issue or situation you can envision, on any level. More Info $97.00


Animal Totems and Spirit Guides

Actual Audio Time: 86 Minutes

This class is designed to teach you about your animal totems (sometimes called power animals) and your spirit guides and share with you the remarkable roles that they play in your day to day life. These wonderful helpers take on important roles in your life including teaching, healing, guiding, and spearheading your spiritual development. More Info $37.00


Healing Animals with Flower Essences

Actual Audio Time: 74 Minutes

This class is designed to teach you not only what flower essences are, but how these wonderful energies from the devic realm can be used in healing for both ourselves and our beloved animal companions. We will touch upon how they came about, how they are made, how to use ritual in offering essences and even how you can choose an appropriate essence for yourself or you animal companion. More Info $37.00


Animals in Spirit; Clearing your Path

Actual Audio Time: 87 Minutes

This class explores how our animal companions stay connected with us even after their passing. We will discuss how they ‘speak’ to, and interact with us from the other side, often to guide us, or sometimes just to let us know they’re ok. You will learn how they often ‘clear our path’ (from the other side) to help us with our day to day life, success and goals. More Info $37.00


Creating Altars for Love, Prosperity, Healing and More!

Actual Audio Time: 77 Minutes

Did you know that it is possible to create altars to bring forth almost anything that you desire? They are also very popular for memorializing animal companions (or humans) who have crossed over and can create a high level of peace and healing for the creator. More Info $37.00


Tapping into the Power of Lunar and Solar Cycles

Actual Audio Time: 78 Minutes

Join myself and renowned Astrologer, Healer, Spiritual Activist, and Author of Cosmic Time, Allison Rae for a timely and informative class on “Tapping into the Power of Lunar and Solar Cycles”. In this teleseminar, you will receive a brief overview of astrology and astronomy and why the ancients thought it was so important for us. We will discuss how you can bring these practices into your modern day lives.  More Info $37.00


Spiritual and Energy Dowsing for Health, Wellbeing & Transformation

Actual Audio Time: 500 Minutes (Eight 60 minute classes plus supplement with 32 page eBook)

Known as ‘Intuition Technology’, dowsing opens you up to a whole new world and allows you to access the collective consciousness to determine anything you want to know regarding your self, your animal companions or your business to enable you to live with more success and greater comfort and joy. You do not need any special talents to learn this skill, just a strong desire to do so. More Info $297.00


Healing and Understanding your Animal Companions through the Chakras

(Five hour classes plus eBook)

The chakra system holds the key to so many imbalances in our animal companions, whether they are of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. By unlocking these imbalances, we not only enable them to live in greater comfort and joy, but we can unravel their untold stories, sometimes even more effectively than through animal communication. More Info $197.00


Animals in the Afterlife: Exploring the Death, Dying & Spirit Life of our Animal Companions

Actual Audio Time: 323 Minutes (Six classes plus 130 page eBook)

Our animal companions hold such great wisdom, wonderful teachings and deep healing for humanity, both here and especially from the other side. This is what I call their ‘divine mission’ or higher reason for partnering with us. They are so often catalysts for our spiritual journeys and deep growth, and they nudge us ever so gently towards our own individual ‘divine mission’ or highest expression of our soul. More Info $247.00


Crystal Healing for Animals

(Four classes plus eBook)

Crystals are wonderful, vibrational gifts that are formed naturally within mother earth. Using crystals in our healing work with our Animal Companions enables us to initiate powerful shifts and incredible changes in them on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.” Learn how to heal your animal companions gently with crystals and gemstones, the amazing ‘gifts from the earth'. More Info $297.00






Lynn also offers a number of in person workshops and retreats. If you would like to be notified of any future events, be sure to sign up for our newsletter here.

Lynn McKenzie offers ongoing classes in a variety of topics including Animal Communication, Psychic Intuitive Development, The Afterlife of Animals, Dowsing, Flower Essences, Chakras, Medical Intuition, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing and Energy Healing for animals.  She has been teaching for over a decade.

Please Note that due to the electronic nature of these programs, once the audio links have been issued, the class is considered to be delivered and is not eligible for a refund or exchange


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Animal Communication | Healing Animals

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