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What They're Saying

What they're saying about CONSULTATIONS

"I've known Lynn's work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation. My dogs love her!"

Colette Baron-Reid
Internationally acclaimed Intuitive, Author, & Speaker 


"Lynn McKenzie is the most accurate animal communicator I've ever worked with. She was able to help me find out why my cat Francine was howling at night, alleviating a lot of anger and frustration on my part, and bringing me to a new level of love and connection with my long-time furry friend. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone who wants to communicate with their pets!"

Alexandria Brown, CEO Alexandria Brown International Inc.,


Daughter Erin and Meow

"I wanted to let you know that all blood work for Meow came back perfect. Stunned and elated and singing a chorus of thank you.  Immediately after the phone session with you it was as if a switch was flipped in Meow. He was almost like his old self, he was talkative and affectionate. He was waiting for us and he charged up to us meowing and purring. He now seems like a more peaceful version of himself, much more relaxed, lighter. Trying to describe him is right now is making me feel dreamy and relaxed. I've been doing the grounding with him twice daily and he loves it. I think it's doing as much for me as it is for him, especially since I'm grounding myself first. Seems that Meow is teaching me some things. Thank you so much, I'm so glad that I found you, many blessings."

Debra Isoda and Meow

Kendall SummerHawk"Lynn's intuitive gifts have always been amazing. And so is her marketing and business savvy! Lynn can quickly pinpoint exactly what you need to do to quickly grow your list, increase your fees and attract more clients. She's a skilled online marketing who knows the ins-and-outs of launching new services and programs and how to keep marketing SIMPLE. Plus, she walks her talk, having created several successful businesses of her own! With Lynn you get a spiritual AND a practical approach to growing your business -- awesome!"

Kendall SummerHawk
Leading Expert in Women Entrepreneurs and Money
and Co-founder of the International Association of
Women in Business Coaching


Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst“Lynn’s reading opened me up to a whole new dimension in my relationship with my three dogs. I’m pictured with my beloved pup, Ellie. I was deeply moved when Lynn told me that Ellie came into my life to open my heart. Apparently, she is also my meditation partner. I now affectionately call her “the meditation dog” – and I’m meditating with her. It’s joyous, heart-melting fun.

If you want to deepen your relationship with your beloved creatures, Lynn will show you how. Thank you again, Lynn, for your powerful, transformative perspectives on how to be a better friend and caretaker to my furry kids.”
-- Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

dog - oceanOur Vets and even the Veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Guelph had trouble diagnosing what was physically wrong with our precious dog Ocean. When we turned to Lynn for a reading, she knew exactly where to tell them to test; the duodenum. Imagine our vet's surprise when the tests proved her accurate! Lynn may have saved Ocean's life.


We had a show puppy who was becoming increasingly fearful at show-sites. This is not a good situation. My husband, a Veterinarian, found Lynn's website and we quickly set up a reading. Lynn explained a few "quirks" in Poppy's personality and shared that Poppy was born a teacher. She has certainly been teaching us!! Through Lynn’s work and recommendations, we now have a Canadian Champion, and she is well on the way to earning her American Championship as well! As Poppy's primary caregiver (her "mom"), I've found that the grounding and energy work not only helps to settle the dog, it calms and focuses me as well! Poppy's breeder/trainer, was, at first skeptical but she persevered with us and soon, she began to notice subtle differences in Poppy. She was calmer, easier to bring back to focus after distraction, and her love of "strutting her stuff" was once again in the forefront. Thanks, Lynn

Thanks sooooooo much for the great reading!!! You know I will be sending you lots of referrals!
--Debbie Davis

Our sweet dog Jenny was diagnosed with mammary cancer in June and was given 6 months to live.  After our first surgery, and a few rounds of chemotherapy, we learned another lymph node had cancer in it.  It was a very difficult summer for me emotionally so I turned to Lynn.  We weren’t sure if Jenny was up for another surgery, but Lynn let us know that she was.  Lynn also shared with us a description of which oncologist Jenny preferred, as we had a team of two.  We had surgery again, and now make our appointments with Jenny’s favorite oncologist.  Six rounds of chemo later, (and lots of love), Jenny is cancer free!  Our oncologist is surprised and thrilled with how Jenny is doing, as are we!  Lynn was an integral part not only in making decisions about Jenny’s health, but was able to lift my spirit.  I felt so much better knowing that Jenny understood what was happening, and Jenny even had some kind words to share with me.  We plan to connect again down the road should Jenny’s health take a turn.  But for now, we will enjoy our gifts of time and understanding.  Thank you so much for your reading.      

About a half hour after our call yesterday, Cowabunga dashed into the living room where I was eating my lunch, cat - cowabungaand got right up in my lap showing pure joy. I think she wished to be a dog at that moment so she could lick my face and wag her tail in joyful thanks for the treatment. Thank you so much!!!!!!

It wasn’t until my vet suggested that I consult with an Animal Intuitive on behalf of my elderly, ill cat, that I actually explored the world of animal communication. It was a wonderful opportunity to communicate with my cat through Lynn, and I felt enormously comforted and informed about her well being. I learned of her purpose in my life, and how she sought me out when she was a tiny kitten. I have come to know that if it feels good, it just is good, and Lynn's reading of my beloved cat felt fantastic. I was at peace with her ability to heal, and able to assist her rather than panic over her symptoms. That was over a year ago now and she just celebrated her 18th birthday, in excellent health. I recommend her service to anyone with an open mind and a desire to learn from their animals.

Thank you so much for the session. My riding lesson after your work was amazing. Breeze was completely relaxed. While I was tacking her up, my coach came down from the arena to tell me that it was chaotic in there and he prepared me to expect that horse - breezeBreeze would be unfocused. Once there a horse named Boom exploded. Breeze was full of calm energy. I’ve never seen her so focused and unresponsive to outside stimuli. Normally she would be focused on everything else but me. My coach lunged her for 5 minutes, and even with all the hullabaloo going on, she was amazing. Then he popped on her for 5 minutes and his words were “she is so calm and not bothered by anything here, she is so focused.” When I got on her I rode her around with a thoroughbred that was fresh off of the track and she was as good as gold. There was zero bucking and she was giving. A couple of times she tried to slow down and see what she could do but overall, she gave in willingly. People came up to me afterwards and commented on how well she moved and worked.

I thought you'd appreciate an update (it's amazing what happens when you let go and listen). As you mentioned that Chance was coming back to me again, I meditated yesterday and asked my angels and guides to give me a sign for the direction that I should take. I felt urged to look in the paper and ended up going to look at 2 golden puppies that were still available (When we got Chance he was also one of two left). As my daughter and I were trying to find the house, I remembered that we didn't stop at the bank. As soon as I said that, Bank One, my daughter’s bank, and Desert School Credit Union, my bank, were right in front of us, beside one another. I have never seen the two of them together before. We knew these were definite signs. Once at the house their male looked JUST LIKE CHANCE!!! He wouldn't leave me alone and nuzzled his head in my chest the way Chance always did! And guess what his name was? CHANCE!!!! I wanted to take him home right then and there, but felt very connected with one of the puppies and the rest is history!! You were absolutely right, Chance would give me a sign that I would recognize when the time was right.
--Kathleen Senters

Thank you so much for our session last week. Not only was it great to hear about Moses, but I was grateful for all the information that came through about my path as well. I just felt such a peaceful feeling after we spoke and I am happy I was guided to you for help. Hope all is well in your world, and I look forward to talking again in the future.

Thanks again,

I asked Lynn for help when my 10 month old Whippet (Clancy) was released from the hospital after having a severe attack of pancreatitis. I was warned that her full recovery was a long way off and that continual relapses were a real possibility. Prior to her illness, I was feeding Clancy a RAW diet (which my vet did not approve of). When I was allowed to take Clancy home from the hospital I was told that I could no longer feed her the RAW diet and that I would have to feed her a bland dry kibble for the rest of her life.

Instinctively, I felt that her diet had nothing to do with the onset of pancreatitis and that dog - clancyfeeding her kibble would be wrong for Clancy so I asked Lynn for help. I wanted to find out what Clancy thought caused the pancreatitis and if she felt that the RAW diet was good for her.

The hour I spent on the phone with Lynn changed Clancy’s life (and mine too). Lynn confirmed that my instinct was correct. Clancy felt that the RAW diet was best for her and that it did not make her sick in the first place. Then Lynn performed some healing on her. Up to that point Clancy had pretty unresponsive and had very little energy. Her normally shiny thick coat was dull and very thin and she had lost a lot of hair. Her eyes were really glazed over and she would not touch the food the vet sent home with us. She also had lost four pounds in five days and that’s a lot for a whippet. This normally happy, energetic puppy was just a lump on the floor.

During the call with Lynn, Clancy’s demeanor and physical appearance changed. Her hair seemed to change right before my eyes! Her coat started to shine, she perked up and started playing with her favorite toy. Then she went to her bowl and started eating. All of these changes happened in the course of the hour phone call. I was still a bit skeptical about what I was seeing, so I took Clancy next door to my neighbor who had seen her about an hour before the call. Without prompting him, he noticed the difference in Clancy right away and could not believe the story I was telling him.

clancy and victoriaAlong with performing healing on Clancy, Lynn taught me some grounding exercises to do with her and told me about some crystals to get and put in her bed. She even suggested a holistic vet she knew in Toronto who supported the RAW diet and would help me transition Clancy back onto it safely.

Over the course of the next few days, Clancy continued to recover at lightening speed and was back to her normal self 10 times sooner than expected. I took Clancy back to the original Vet for a 5-day check up, and she could not believe the difference. She said that she had never seen a dog recover from such a serious illness so fast.

Thanks Lynn for all your help!
--Victoria and Clancy

Lynn! Fez is going to be fine! Thank you so very much! You've given us back our precious friend. Things were so dismal for Fez on the night of our consultation. My vet had warned me that his dying of kidney failure that night was a very real possibility and the other vet in the hospital thought that he should be put down. If he was an older cat, I could have dealt with this possibility a bit better, but at only 5 years old, it was hard to accept. I knew that contacting you was my only hope and that if we could just get him through the night, that he would be ok.

I felt very positive immediately after the consultation. I had been crying all day with the thought of losing my beautiful friend, but learning that he wasn't ready to go yet and that cat - fezhe was willing to fight it out, gave me strength. I woke up in the night and did the exercises you had given me and focused all my energy on Fez. First thing the next morning, I nervously phoned the hospital. They said that he had actually perked up over night. I acted surprised, but deep down I knew that our work the night before had
paid off. When I saw him later on in the day, I noticed that not only was he more lively, but his attitude had greatly changed from the day before. He was no longer the scared and confused cat that was barely holding it together, but a cat that had a determination and defiance in his eyes that I knew would carry him through. Even though his blood tests still came back with dangerously high kidney enzyme levels, I knew that that wouldn't have changed overnight and that he would overcome them. No-one at the hospital could understand why he seemed better. Some people were still of the opinion that he should be put down. Each day he seemed a bit stronger and then miraculously his blood tests came back almost normal - only 3 days after nearly everyone had given up hope! And just 4 days after, he is lying curled up beside me here at home. The vets are just shaking their heads saying that they don't understand his recovery, but I know what got him through this :-)

Many, many thanks again,

I am so pleased I chose Lynn to communicate with my cat Whiskey. It was comforting the way she quickly captured the true essence of his personality, validating some of my impressions. I was experiencing some behavioral problems that needed to be addressed. He was biting people (myself included) and would occasionally wake me up in the middle of the night. Lynn communicated with Whiskey and learned that he did not mean any harm when he bites, that sometimes he just “loses control and can’t resist, but will try to work on it”. Lynn did some powerful energy balances and just four days later, his once painful biting has turned to gentle nibbling and he seems much more affectionate. What a lovely change.

Whiskey communicated that he wakes me up at night to help keep my personal growth/development on track. He wants me to meditate more often. This was very interesting to hear, because when he would waken me, I rarely fell back asleep and would use the time to meditate! He assured Lynn he would discontinue this behavior if I would spend more time meditating. Since our session, Whiskey has not disturbed my sleep. I am excited about the energetic shifts that have occurred and look forward experiencing more in the future. I am truly grateful for the reminder to stick to my spiritual path. Thank you so much Lynn!
-- Sharon Madsen
Massage Therapist & Psychotherapist

My two cockatoos, Snow White and Gabriel, were exhibiting behavior problems. Like many pet lovers, I feel Snow White is my heart--we have an amazing love and rapport. cockatooMy first bird, she was very resentful and jealous of Gabe, as best as I could tell. Boy, did I have it wrong! We're just too close emotionally for me to do the work with my own companion bird.

After Lynn conducted a phone session with Snow White, she diagnosed an emotional situation I had not considered (we're often just too close to our own animal companions to know the truth). Lynn did some energy work and recommended two flower essences I could mist them with, one for each bird.

Was I shocked to see the relationship totally transformed in about two weeks, and now Snow White is exhibiting "in love" symptoms with Gabe and is lowering her head for him to groom her, something I could not have imagined happening. Lynn really is amazing. I now have a harmonious environment with these two wonderful birds, instead of the aggression and tension between the two birds that was throwing my home energies off, before I called Lynn.
--Dr. Mary Bell

My 6 year old Doberman was diagnosed with Bone Cancer of the Jaw in April. He had developed an external tumor on his chest within a couple of weeks of surgery. I was advised he may have as long as six months to live. I had the external tumor looked at by a couple of professionals and they all said that they were sorry, but it didn't look hopeful.
It was a hard decision, but after learning that further removal and reconstructive surgery would not necessarily extend or enhance his life, I immediately called Lynn. Lynn was quick to respond and suggested a specific diet, a Q-Link Pendant and did some energy work along with essential oil treatment. Within one week the tumor had dog- jessedisappeared completely, when the previous 3 weeks we had watched it grow. He was looking amazing, regaining his shiny coat, and back to his usual high level of energy.

After much research and with such a resounding message that he would not be with us for long, I certainly didn't expect the results that we experienced. I decided to make an appointment with another Veterinarian weeks after Lynn's visit to have a general check up. The response was extremely positive, clear lungs and no signs of recurring tumors, with the initial surgery location healthy and healed. She was pretty impressed with Jesse's overall condition. Her comment was "whatever you're doing seems to be working!”

It's been 4 months now and to see him you would never know he had ever been sick. Jesse is like a child to me, as many of you can relate. I don't know what the future holds, but to see him run and play like nothing was ever wrong is astounding to me, and the relief of not seeing him suffer in pain is the greatest reward. I would like to add, that Lynn has also been doing long distance work on my horse to curb a nipping problem and so far so good!!!!!

Thank you Lynn!!
--Kim Spencer

What a joy to work with you today. I feel a connection and resonance. Thank you for your kindness, caring and love that you gave to Wyatt. I look forward to working with you again on Friday.

cat - ma-zuFrom the Horse’s, er, Cat’s Mouth: Before Mahalene's phone consultation with Lynn, I could feel in my fur and in my bones that I had met a new friend, someone who spoke cat fluently, someone who understood me perfectly. It was so affirming for me to see that some humans actually "get" it! Little did I know that, ever since that phone call, life would be such paradise on earth. Maha and I are even more in love, listening to each other compassionately and present to each other's needs: what a joy! Thank you so much Lynn,for making such a difference for us!

Purring with appreciative delight,
--Ma-Zu, Mahalene's Beloved Cat and Inspiration Anchor

What they're saying about WORKSHOPS

Dear Lynn, You've been on my mind since our special gathering for animal communication workshops 1 and 2 here in Sedona. I appreciate your teachings very much and feel your warmth, genuineness, and passion about your work... you're a lovely and inspiring teacher.

Thanks so much for teaching the two workshops on Dowsing and Animal Communication. I really enjoyed both of them, and learned so much. I am excited to see where all of this is going to take me.

I wanted to let you know, that I can't totally put into words what my experience at your workshop meant to me yesterday, but I'm inspired and believe new avenues are opening for me! Very exciting! Thank you!!

Many thanks for the wonderful workshop last Saturday. What I learned/experienced will be with me for a lifetime (and beyond!).

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class last Saturday, and wished I could have attended the following 2 days. Hopefully you will be back so I can pick them up.

This is just a short note to say thank you for the excellent workshop on Animal Communication I. I really enjoyed the day and certainly learned a lot. Hope you come back soon for I can take Communication II.
--Anne Marie

What they're saying about TELECLASSES

I love learning this way. Thank you so much for your excellent and informative classes!

The notes are fabulous! Looking forward to this! Are you going to offer a next level of teleclasses? I hope you will! Sign me up!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our first Teleclass and can't wait to work on grounding with my 2 Bernese Mt Dogs. I look forward to our next session!

Thank you for a great first class. We can hardly wait for next week
--DF & SS

A quick hello to say that I really enjoyed the Teleclasses. Your voice was clear, and I liked having the notes to follow along with. So glad you are offering these!
--Carol Peck

Thank you for being a terrific teacher.

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